Accessory Installation

Fuss-Free Accessory Installation

As automotive technology advances, we have more and more customers turning to us for help with installing the latest accessories into their vehicle. What’s great about this approach is that you can have all the benefits of the latest technology, without having to upgrade to a newer model vehicle—like a renovation for your car.

If you want to fit your vehicle for industry or camping needs, Pulse Automotive is able to install all forms of accessory outlets, like power supplies or Anderson plugs to install a fridge. If safety is your priority, we can help with installing devices like reversing cameras.

Whether you have a specific project in mind, or would just like to chat about your options and what’s possible, give the Pulse Automotive team a call to discuss how we can help. Our experienced automotive technicians have done it all, and can offer advice on the best performing brands to achieve the results you’re after.

With firm relationships with suppliers and a workshop onsite, we can reduce costs and delays to deliver your accessory installation quickly and cost effectively.

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Went to pulse with a persistent idle an low power problem, they had a quick look right there and then eve though I didn’t have an appointment. They quickly diagnosed the issue busted vacuum hose and cleaned the MAS, car now runs like silk, very happy with friendly service and can do attitude.

23 June 2018


The service was absolutely fantastic. So efficient, affordable and the process was easy! They had a loan car for me and my car was ready within only a few hours! Definitely recommend pulse automotive to anyone!

02 December 2017


I’ve been a few times and have always been treated with respect and courtesy. The staff explain clearly the nature of the work and provide options if relevant. The work has been clean and timely, communication clear and effective. Thankyou.

08 February 2018