Affordable Servicing For Your Audi

Let Pulse Automotive take good care of your Audi.

Our team are car lovers at heart. More than just mechanics, we understand the beauty of a well-made car. So when you entrust your Audi servicing to Pulse Automotive, you know that your vehicle is in good hands of professionals who will go the extra mile to ensure your Audi is in peak condition. And with high-end manufacturing like you get with Audis, you know that a little extra TLC will ensure your vehicle rewards you for many years to come. Chat to the Pulse Automotive team today.

At Pulse Automotive, we serve a number of clients with Audis. Despite what your original dealer may tell you, you can choose where you service your vehicle, even if it is under warranty. We recommend shopping around, and you may be surprised at just how much you can save on the exact same service.

Our customers choose to return to us because we offer cost-effective, reliable and highly specialised servicing for their Audi, not because they feel locked in to an agreement for a specified period of time.

What’s more, as standard, we will stamp your handbook at the completion of your service as a record of maintenance. We understand that this documentation not only helps you to better care for your car, but it also results in a significantly higher resale value in the future.


Your Comprehensive Audi Service

When you bring your Audi in for a service at Pulse Automotive, it will be subjected to either the 52-point safety check, or the 65-point check for 4WD.

Both of these thorough servicing procedures will ensure that we assess exterior and interior, under vehicle, under bonnet, and complete a road test. This four-part check gives all of our customers the peace of mind that if something is seriously wrong, we will find it. Plus, we’ll top up and fix any minor issues along the way before they cause real headaches.

The Audi Specialists

At Pulse Automotive, we only offer the very best servicing to our loyal customers. Not only are our technicians trained in specific Audi servicing and parts, but we ensure that we routinely undergo further training as it is required.

It means that our team is at the forefront of Audi technology, and equipped to give your vehicle the best care possible. For motoring enthusiasts, we are also happy to walk you through the entire servicing process, top to bottom.

Our team is known for providing the high-end service expected by Audi owners, coupled with the friendly, local approach and lower price tag of an independent dealership. After your first experience, we know that you’ll have found a dealer who will be by your side for many years to come.


Audi FAQs

Are you noticing trouble with your oil? Perhaps the oil light has come on, or you’ve seen droplets on your driveway?

Oil leaks are quite common in many vehicles and can often lead to costly other problems. But luckily, when caught early, they are usually easily rectified. Pulse Automotive can locate, repair and clean off any oil residue, keeping you on the road and returning your car to top condition.

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