Batteries Service Adelaide

Is Your Car Trying To Tell You Something?

It’s a common misconception that the majority of battery problems happen without warning. In reality, if you know what to look for, there are often some tell-tale signs that suggest it’s time to book in for a professional check.
Make sure you pay attention to what’s normal for your own vehicle, and get in touch as soon as something is out of the ordinary, like if your ignition is struggling to click over in the mornings.

The Pulse Automotive team has the experience and on-site facilities that will help fix your problem without fuss. Just give us a call to chat through any problem you’re having.

Let Us Diagnose Your Battery Problem

Is your car struggling to start in the mornings? You’re not alone.

Battery failure can happen for a number of reasons, like low fluid levels, alternator problems, corrosion or old age to name a few. And if your battery is struggling, you’ll likely notice that the problem worsens after you have left your car parked overnight or for several days.
Don’t wait until your battery goes flat to do something about it. Not only will you be billed a call-out fee as well as the cost to replace it, you’ll also be stuck on the side of the road for hours when you likely have places to be.

The smart move is to book in an immediate diagnostic check with Pulse Automotive at the first sign of your engine struggling to turn over or start. We’ll check the charging rate, starting motor and battery, and charge or replace as required.

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