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Ever noticed how brakes problems have an annoying habit of coming back a few weeks after your mechanic has ‘fixed’ them? Unfortunately, this is a common complaint of new customers who come to us after frustrating experiences elsewhere. In truth, this suggests that the root of the problem wasn’t identified, and instead your technician tried to perform a band-aid fix. Rest assured, when you come to us for brake repairs in Adelaide, you’ll receive the full attention of our expert team, who will fix the problem once and for all.

Over time, without ongoing maintenance, your vehicle’s braking system will likely experience deterioration in some form. Much more than just worn brake pads, the problem may stem from any one of the many components which make up this complex system.
You may notice obvious signs of a problem, like squealing or shaking when you turn or brake, or that your braking distance is increased. If you have noticed a specific issue, be sure to report your experience to our team so that we can help you understand the problem and provide an efficient and thorough fix.
If brake noise is the sole problem, then we are able to fit anti-squeal compounds to your vehicle, or may be able to simply replace faulty components to eliminate squeal. For our experienced team, it’s a matter of assessing and testing your brakes to identify the source, without having to replace the entire system.
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We Fix Shuddering Brakes, Onsite

Have you noticed that your vehicle seems to shudder when you brake, particularly when driving downhill? This is a problem that warrants a visit to Pulse Automotive as soon as possible.

It can indicate that your disc rotors are warped, requiring either machining or replacing to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.
While some other dealerships would have to outsource this type of work—which hikes up the price, and can delay getting you back on the road—Pulse Automotive is able to complete the fix in our on-site workshop.
We understand that being without your vehicle can disrupt all aspects of your life, which is why we make it our mission to find a solution that minimises vehicle downtime for everyone who comes to us with a problem.
It’s just one more reason why our customers keep coming back to Pulse Automotive.

Our Priority Is Your Safety

Squeaky brakes can be irritating, but more importantly, they can also indicate that your vehicle’s handling is compromised—which in turn puts your and other road users’ safety at risk. For that reason, coming in to visit Pulse Automotive at the first sign of damage is the right decision.
What’s more, attending to the problem before it worsens can save you bigger headaches (and money) down the track.

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