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How much is your time worth?

In most companies, every minute counts. Between time taken for staff to transport vehicles and track service history, not to mention inflated dealer costs and unnecessary loan cars, the costs associated with servicing your fleet can accumulate quickly.

Do you know how much one vehicle off the road costs you?

If your operations rely on fleet vehicles, having a car off the road can lead to thousands of dollars lost. For some companies, one broken down car stuck in the workshop can lose them $1,000 each day.
That’s why regular maintenance is essential, but can be easily forgotten in your company’s day-to-day busy-ness.

Fleet servicing that saves you time and money

Keep your vehicles at their best

No matter the make of your vehicle, our dedicated and highly experienced Norwood team treat every car as if it were their own – never missing the small details.
We also believe a vehicle that runs in top condition should look in top condition, which is why we wash and shine your vehicles at every service.
Fleet Service
Fleet Service

Save time and hassle

Here’s how we simplify your fleet maintenance:

Plan your cash flow

Our competitive pricing and special rates for fleets will save you money. Furthermore, your upcoming schedule and 30-day account make it easier to plan ahead and streamline your administration.
Are you overpaying for fleet servicing? Speak to us for a full cost savings analysis of your fleet.
Fleet Service
Fleet Service

Get your vehicles on the road faster

We know just how much a vehicle off the road can cost you. That’s why we have fast turnaround times, and are quick to help if an issue ever occurs.

Have peace of mind that you’re looked after

At Pulse Automotive, our strongest values are honesty and going the extra mile. We demonstrate this by being clear in our communication – from quoting to advice – and getting to know your business and team.

At the end of the day, if you are happy, so are we.

Fleet Service

What our customer says about us!

Your trusted Norwood fleet mechanic

At Pulse Automotive, Adelaide businesses can access the knowledgeable service of the biggest dealerships, with the personal touch and competitive pricing of an independent repairer.
As a trusted name in Norwood for over 30 years, we take our local responsibilities seriously. Our highly skilled specialists and community mindset ensure every client receives a seamless blend of superior service and personalised customer care.
Our valued customers are located across greater Adelaide, with many in Adelaide CBD and the eastern suburbs of Norwood, St Peters, Kensington and Dulwich.

Start streamlining your fleet maintenance

We can streamline your vehicle maintenance process, regardless of your fleet composition.

Your customers count on you to keep your fleet on the road. Make it easier with Pulse Automotive.

Book a free consultation to explore the time- and cost-savings for your business.