A Personal Touch For Your Mercedes Service

Give your Mercedes the attention it deserves. Choose Pulse Automotive for all of your Mercedes servicing in Adelaide.

Did you know that you don’t have to return to your Mercedes dealership for servicing to still uphold your warranty? Despite what your dealer might have led you to believe, there’s no reason why you can’t turn to another trusted mechanic that will use Mercedes parts and stamp your servicing logbook. When the correct procedures are followed, you can save money and ensure that your car is in the best possible hands. Find out more by chatting to our friendly and helpful team at Pulse Automotive.

At Pulse Automotive, we take great pride in delivering superior customer experience at every phase of our servicing process. From when you first pick up the phone to when you first meet our expert team of technicians, you’ll be impressed by our understanding of your vehicle.
As the Mercedes specialists, we understand what makes these vehicles unique—from their high-quality parts to their outstanding performance. It means that for whatever reason you come to us, whether it’s a general warranty service or new accessory installation, we can deliver a tailored result for your Mercedes.

Mercedes Servicing That Doesn’t Break The Bank

If you were to return to your original dealership every time your Mercedes needed a service, over time you would be paying thousands and thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

Mercedes services can be notoriously expensive, but they don’t need to be. Our expert team receives ongoing Mercedes-specific training—in parts, processes and techniques as they develop—meaning that it is possible to get a high-end service without the price tag.

What’s more, we include handbook stamping as routine upon completion of your service, which has been demonstrated to significantly improve your vehicle’s resale value.

All Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

If, during our assessment and testing, we locate a part that needs to be replaced or upgraded, we can do it onsite in our workshop. With a large selection of specialist parts available in-house, we minimise the waiting period to get your car back to peak performance condition.

It’s imperative that Mercedes vehicles are fitted with Mercedes parts, rather than a cheaper alternative. It’s how we can ensure that your car is kept in the condition that the manufacturer intended, and will serve you well for many years to come.


Mercedes FAQs

Have you noticed that your Mercedes seems to knock when braking or turning?

It’s likely a problem with your suspension bushes—an issue not uncommon in Mercedes. The bushes wear over time, allowing excessive movement. This is the knocking that you hear. Pulse Automotive can inspect the bushes and replace any that may be working excessively. If needed, we can also perform a wheel realignment to keep your tyre wear to a minimum.

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