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At Pulse Automotive, we offer specialist servicing, repairs and maintenance work for Minis, without the original dealer price tag. Even under manufacturer’s warranty, you have the right to choose your servicing provider under Australian law.

Not only has our team undergone specialist training unique to late Mini models, but we are also car lovers at heart. It means that we not only run through the motions, but give every vehicle that we service the attention to detail that it deserves.

Mini FAQs

Have you noticed that your battery light has come on in your Mini, or that your fan belt is squealing?
Like many modern cars, Minis have a drive belt off the engine. It is an integral part which runs accessory components—such as your alternator and your air conditioning. Over time, however, the belt is prone to wearing or slipping, and may cause subsequent issues and engine warnings. You might notice that the alternator light comes on, for example.
Our experienced team will investigate the entire system to find where the problem originates, and cost-effectively replace the parts as needed. It might be a matter of replacing or re-tensioning the belt to completely fix the issue.
Mini Service Centre

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