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For the highest quality car suspension Adelaide services choose Pulse Automotive, the suspension specialists in eastern Adelaide. If your car has been pulling or drifting to the side or any little bump in the road feels huge, you need to get your car suspension checked. Suspension services at Pulse Automotive cannot be beaten and with a huge selection of parts available in our Norwood workshop we can provide our industry leading services at reasonable rates.

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If you are having any problems with your vehicle’s suspension you should speak to our auto experts about the repair, replacement or upgrading of your suspension system. The suspension system is crucial to your car’s optimum performance and plays a role in a smooth ride, car stability, handling, and safety. It is important for a vehicle’s handling while driving, around turns and corners, and always maintaining contact with the road. In a car’s machinery these parts do the heavy-duty work and are subject to extensive wear and tear which is most often ignored by car owners. A regular check by a professional technician will ensure safety and comfort of yourself and your passengers. At some point when your suspension needs repair your shocks will no longer work well and impact the ability to control the vehicle properly, especially when making turns or coming to a stop. Getting suspension regularly serviced is essential to keep your car performing efficiently and lengthen the life of your tyres while giving you a smooth ride.

Auto Suspension Inspection - What Does A Suspension Service Include?

In our comprehensive suspension service, we will examine the steering, shock absorbers, perform wheel alignment, flush and replace steering fluid and repair problems every step of the way. Working from a modern workshop, our fully qualified suspension mechanics can quickly diagnose and repair any issues with professionalism. Our mechanics are highly skilled, well trained to work on all makes and models, and for all car types— and are familiar with all types of suspension systems.

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You may not realize how important this is, but if you haven’t done that lately, take the time to get the suspension of your car checked by a trusted mechanic. Your bumpy ride is an obvious signal that your car’s suspension needs repair. Getting timely suspension checks and an accurate diagnosis will protect and prolong the life of your tyres and enhance the performance of your car. Adelaide car owners can rely on our experienced technicians to provide a high-quality professional repair. Get in touch with Pulse Automotive  today!

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